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Ultimate Search Engine Optimisation

We will go over your website with a fine tooth-comb and fill in any gaps.
Getting you links from High Page Rank website and the following below:
On-Page search engine optimisation services
Web Design Six will access your site and amend its coding, whilst streamlining other aspects to enhance the overall user experience and make it easier for search engines to index it.

Key on-page matters that our expert SEO team will look at are:
Fixing Errors:
We will comb your pages for canonicalisation issues and amend instances of duplicate URLs.
Redirect any 404 errors we find and fix any broken links we discover.
Identify, remove and nofollow any external links we find.
We will increase usability for both users and search engine spiders by creating comprehensive XML and HTML sitemaps.
Make sure that your pages comply with W3C standards and fix validation errors.
Check the location of your web hosting.
Improving your website:
We will clean up your Meta tags and descriptions, as well as strategise new keywords for your campaign.
Write flowing on-page content that’s optimised, and also boosts internal linking practices.
Remove duplicate content that may be harming your rankings.
Optimise on-site images.
Integrate a WordPress blog with SEO-friendly plugins and link it with the homepage, whilst also providing homepage snippets.
Create a dynamic RSS feed and a bespoke SEO directory structure.
Off-Page search engine optimisation services.
Our search engine optimisation is able to provide an excellent backlink portfolio which will increase your site’s authority.
Relevance is key for off-page search engine optimisation services.
We will provide the following to help build up your natural linking profile:
Well written article submissions to portals in your industry.
A range of tailored directory submissions.
Positive press releases that can increase your global reputation.
Page Rank links and social media submissions.
Blog comments across topics in your field.

Ensure your organisation has an aesthetically website design is very crucial in this day in age. Web users now a days have higher outlooks of what is a good reliable website they often will use web design as one of the many factors other factors may include website rank and other website related statistics. 

We realise that your online presence is the front of putting across your companies image to an online audience. Our website programmers have an in depth knowledge of the forever altering online behaviors of Internet users. Our development team have outstanding knowledge of search engine optimisations.

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